McDonald’s and A&W restaurants have finally conceded to a growing consumer demand to have their signature morning staples served throughout the day. Canadians hankering for a breakfast sandwich in the evening will be able to satisfy that craving as soon as next month.


On February 21st, 2017,  McDonald’s Canada will start serving breakfast beyond its usual cut-off time of 11 a.m. at 1,100 of its 1,450 restaurants. Less than one week later, A&W Food Services of Canada will be launching its all-day breakfast program on February 27th, expecting 95 per cent of its 879 stores to make the transition by spring.


Both A&W and McDonald’s will offer a limited menu for their extended breakfast hours. McDonald’s will serve McMuffin sandwiches and hash browns, as well as hotcakes and sausages. A&W customers, on the other hand, will be able to purchase its Egger sandwiches and wrap, as well as hash browns.

Burger King and Tim Horton’s both stop serving breakfast mid-day, and the chains’ parent company Restaurant Brands International has no plans to change that.

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