The United States has consumed so much bacon that, as of the end of 2016, the country’s bacon supply is the lowest they’ve seen in 50 years.


According to USA Today, the USDA reported that the inventory of frozen pork belly,  the source of their bacon, was at 17.8 million pounds as of December 2016. They haven’t had that little available pork to make bacon with since 1957.


According to Rich Deaton, President of the Ohio Pork Council, pork reserves are depleting despite pig farmers valiant effort to produce pigs, which at this moment is at a historic high.

As a result, the cost of pork belly has been on the rise, increasing by an alarming 20% in January of 2017. However, officials say the increase can also be partially be attributed to exports, which account for about a fourth of U.S. pork production. 

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