Japan is known for some of the most interesting flavors and food combinations in the world. From fried chicken ice cream to Coca Cola flavored hot dogs, they have pretty much have tried everything. Next on the list of the unimaginable duos is Kit Kat sushi.


Expert sushi chefs are setting their sights on reinventing the classic raw fish dish and delivering a Kit Kat experience that is making mouths water across the country. 


On February 2, the first street-facing Kit Kat shop will open its doors in Tokyo, and Kit Kat sushi rolls were created to commemorate the event. The classic maki rolls (tuna, egg, and sea urchin) will not be the actual flavors of the fish, but instead something sweeter and much more appetizing.

 If you’re not in Japan or just don’t want to fork over the money, the rolls look easy enough to recreate at home. All you need are some Kit Kats, puffed rice, and white chocolate.

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