When KFC released its infamous Double Down “burger” back in 2010, the world freaked out. By replacing the traditional burger bun with two meaty slabs of fried chicken, the fast food joint created a meal that managed to gross out and intrigue customers at the same time.


Since then, KFC has released a hot dog version and a Hawaiian special edition of their infamous Double Down. 


Now, they bring to us the Chizza, a pizza made entirely from chicken. In KFC’s own words, the new pizza is: “100% chicken fillet, marinated, perfectly seasoned and cooked to a glorious gold, then layered with delicious pizza toppings such as pizza sauce, chicken ham, pineapple chunks, mozzarella and topped with signature KFC cheese sauce. All this goodness baked to perfection.”

Unfortunately, the Chizza is currently only available in Singapore and KFC has not commented about any kind of North American launch.

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