The Girl Scouts of the USA celebrates 100 years of selling cookies by revealing that a new flavor, S’mores, is joining this year’s lineup. So far, it is proving to be a hit among customers both young and old!


The new flavor has two different takes on the classic S’more. The first version is a crisp cookie covered in a layer of creme icing and chocolate. The second version is two graham cracker cookies with a chocolate-marshmallow filling, and is basically an inverted version of the first.


“First off, I love the feel of these. It’s got good weight, good heft, a squirrel sounding a bugle. And I’m a big fan of any cookie with some filling because you can scrape it with your teeth. This one’s good — I’m gonna give it a 10/10.” —Dave Stopera

The Girl Scouts will determine future availability as the cookie season progresses, meaning this year might be your one and only chance to try a Girl Scout S’mores cookie!

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