The best thing since sliced bread might just be sliced chocolate. Now chocolate lovers can unwrap a delicate slice of delicious chocolate just as easily as they unwrap a slice of cheese. Japan-based company, Bourbon, has started selling chocolate slices packaged just like Kraft cheese singles – Each package has five slices wrapped individually in it’s own film.


The “nama” chocolate that make up the slices is soft and has a more intense flavor than milk chocolate. Bourbon describes it as “not as sweet as fudge but richer than regular milk chocolate.”


While you are probably immediately thinking of throwing them onto a sandwich, a la grilled cheese, Bourbon shows several fun and innovative ways to use these. The thin slices can be cut or molded into shapes, folded into crepes, and wrapped about fruit.

And while consumers in Canada and the United States may have to wait a bit to find these in stores, Bourbon has them available on their website.

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