The BeaverTail was invented in the 1970s by Grant and Pam Hooker, a couple from Ontario. The Hookers began selling BeaverTails in their hometown of Killaloe, Ontario, in 1978, and the first permanent store followed two years later in Ottawa’s ByWard Market. Pino Di Ioia, who started off working part-time at Montreal‘s first BeaverTails store in the 1990’s, took over the business with his wife Tina and twin brother Anthony in 2009.


Between Canada and the United States, Di Ioia hopes to open 150 new BeaverTails outlets in the next five years. “Our future development will be in the US,” Di Ioia explained. The three are responsible for the company’s recent successful expansion to 120 outlets, including franchises in Dubai, South Korea, and Japan.


BeaverTails are a  favorite dessert among many Canadians and are found at theme parks, ski lodges, and summer festivals in the eastern half of the country.

Not only are they delicious to eat but customers can often watch these sweet pastries being made right before their eyes. To make a BeaverTail doughnut, whole wheat dough is hand-stretched into an oval shape and fried in canola oil. It’s still warm when the pastry is served, topped with cinnamon and sugar or more extravagant additions, like cheesecake spread sprinkled with Skor bits.

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