Do you know what human foods are safe for your dog to eat? The moment you realize that your dog has accidentally eaten the food off your breakfast plate (or kitchen floor, as the case may be), and you are not totally sure if that food is safe for dogs can be scary. It’s a time-sensitive concern with real consequences because there are certain human foods that dogs cannot eat.


Can dogs eat bananas without having to throw up? The answer is yes, bananas are safe for dogs to eat. That’s according to the American Kennel Club (AKC), as well as a bunch of veterinarians. As Kerri Marshall, DVM and chief veterinary officer for Trupanion Pet Insurance told the site PawCulture, bananas are non-toxic for dogs, but “they are difficult to digest and can create a blockage if eaten whole or in large pieces.”


Making the list of human foods that dogs cannot eat is the most famous, chocolate, which can poison and possibly lead to death. Others that should be avoided are: turkey, cheese, shrimp, popcorn, cinnamon, pork, yogurt, honey, and a few others.

Before feeding Fido off your plate, please consult with your veterinarian about what is safe for your buddy’s digestive system.

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