Everyone loves avocado, and the ways to use them are endless; however, thanks to a highly criticized wall, it looks like the price of Mexican avocados is going to grow at an unprecedented rate.


Since the question of who is going to pay for the wall has not been answered yet, and one country cannot force another to build and pay for something they do not want, Trump had to get creative in finding the money to move forward. 


Instead of using Mexico’s money to fund the wall, the White House suggested a new 20 per cent tax on imports from Mexico to help finance the wall. Unfortunately, this means the avocado will be one of many items to have their prices go up. 

The Mexican foreign minister, Luis Videgaray, told reporters: “A tax on Mexican imports to the United States is not a way to make Mexico pay for the wall, but a way to make the North American consumer pay for it through more expensive avocados, washing machines, and televisions.”

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